Booster Dose: How, When and Where to Get the Precaution Dose of Corona Vaccine?

In India, the booster dose of the corona vaccine, which is being called the prevention dose, will start on January 10.

On December 25, 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a booster dose for health care workers and people above the age of 60 years.

Dr VK Paul, head of the country’s Covid Task Force and member of NITI Aayog, said that the booster dose or the third precautionary dose will be of the same vaccine, which has taken the first two doses.

According to information provided by Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), a booster dose of the coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine helps to strengthen the protection received from the first two doses. It saves you from getting seriously ill from Cover-19 in the long run.

The central government has decided that those who have previously been vaccinated against Covidshield will be given a booster dose of Covidshield, while those who have previously taken Covaccine will be given a booster dose of Covaccine.

But what exactly is a booster dose, how and how effective is it against Omicron? And why did India decide to give it now? And what if you want to take it?

Currently, Covidshield, Covaccine and Sputnik vaccines are being administered in India. Vaccines give your body the power to fight disease or viral infection.

What is booster dose?

When we get vaccinated against a disease, we prepare our body’s immune system to fight against that disease. But sometimes more than one dose of the vaccine has to be taken.

A COVID booster dose is an additional dose of the vaccine, which is given when the protection given by the original shot of the vaccine wears off over time. Generally, a booster dose is given when the immunity gained from the initial dose gradually decreases on its own.

Booster shot helps people to maintain that immunity level for a long time.

In India, the booster shot is being called the ‘precaution dose’. On December 25, Prime Minister Modi said, “As a precaution, the government has decided that pre-precaution doses of the vaccine will also be started for healthcare and frontline workers.”

Who will get the booster dose?

Booster doses have been introduced for all citizens in many countries. In India, at present, the booster dose will be given to doctors, health workers, frontline workers.

Citizens with comorbidities above 60 years of age will also have the option of precautionary dosage of the vaccine on the advice of their doctor.

The work of giving booster dose will start from January 10.

When will you be able to take a booster dose of the corona vaccine?

From January 10, the booster dose will start. The Central Government has issued guidelines related to this and has clarified the situation regarding eligibility and slot booking for the preparation dose.

According to the information given by the Union Health Ministry, healthcare workers, frontline workers and elderly people above 60 years of age suffering from serious diseases will be eligible for the prevention dose.

Also, this dose will be given after 9 months of the second dose i.e. 39 weeks from the date of the second dose.

In addition, a text message from Cowin will be sent to the beneficiaries if they are eligible for the precautionary dose as per the guideline, to let them know that they have to take the third dose of the vaccine.

How can I register for the booster dose of COVID-19?

Eligible people will be able to book vaccination slots on the Cowin platform. The slot can also be booked by visiting the vaccination centre to take the dose and a booster dose can be applied.

However, for this, the eligible person will have to ensure in advance whether the centre where he wants to go has a walk-in facility or not.

Eligible people above 60 years of age will be given a “precautionary dose” only based on the doctor’s advice, in which case they will have to carry a certificate of comorbidity to the vaccination centre to get the booster dose.

Which vaccine will be applied in the Covid-19 booster dose?

Dr VK Paul, head of India’s Covid Task Force and member of NITI Aayog, has told that the eligible people will be given the same company’s prescription dose (booster dose) whose first two doses were given.

He told that those who have got the first two doses of Covaccine, they will also get a precautionary dose of Covaccine and those who have got the Covidshield vaccine before, they will also get a booster dose of Covidshield.

On mixing the Covid vaccine for precautionary doses, he said that it will be discussed further, as more research is going on on this topic.

How much protection will a booster dose give you?

After a booster dose, you get much wider protection. It is clear from similar research that two doses are weak against Omicron.

Up to 75% protection has been observed against any COVID symptoms after a booster dose.

The booster dose gives our immune system an edge against any future variants.

Amid the rapidly spreading Omicron threat, the Government of India has taken the step of applying a booster dose.

Will people who have been diagnosed with corona also have to take a booster dose?

Once infected with the virus, the body develops the ability to fight the virus.

If someone has been infected with the coronavirus, then antibodies against the virus develop in them.

Taking a booster dose keeps the body’s immune system strong for a long time, so health experts recommend that a few days after getting infected with Covid, a booster dose should be taken as per the doctor’s advice.