Breaking News LIVE: Omicron cases are increasing in the country, the number of infected has increased to 415

Omicron cases are increasing rapidly in the country. According to the latest figures of the Ministry of Health, the number of infected with the new variant of Corona has increased to 415. Maharashtra and Delhi have the highest number of 108 and 79 cases of Omicron. At the same time, out of 415 patients of Omicron, 115 patients have recovered.

‘Omicron’ eyes on New Year’s celebration, there may be an outcry in the country, The third wave of Omicron is predicted to arrive in February 2022. At the same time, there is already an increase in the cases of new variants in the country.

7 thousand 189 new cases of corona in India:
There have been 7,189 new cases of coronavirus in India in the last 24 hours, while 7,286 recovered and 387 people died of the corona. After which the total number of cases has gone up to 3,47,79,815. At the same time, active cases have reached 77,032. So far 4 lakh 79 thousand people have died due to corona. The first or second dose of the corona has been given to 141 crore people in the country.

At the same time, Dr TS Anish Omicron, member of the Covid Expert Committee of Kerala, said that global trends show that the number of Omicron cases may reach 1000 in 2-3 weeks and one million, maybe 2 in months. We don’t have more than a month before there is a big outbreak in India. He said that we need to stop this. At the same time, 183 cases of Omicron were investigated in the country, in which it was found that 70 percent of the infected did not show any symptoms.

At the same time, amid the threat of Omicron, the era of restrictions has started returning in many states including Delhi and Maharashtra. Night curfew has been announced in Uttar Pradesh from today. Curfew will be imposed in the state from 11 pm to 5 pm. At the same time, the government has also issued a warning. The central government warned that the world is facing the fourth wave of Kovid. In view of this, people have been appealed to be vigilant and follow the Corona protocol while taking precaution especially during the celebrations at the end of the year. However, the Delta variant still remains a cause for concern in India.