Brightcom Group Stock: Investment of Rs 1 lakh made 25 lakhs throughout the year

Brightcom Group:

Sensex (Sensex) has climbed nearly 10 percent in the last year. On the other hand, a multi-bagger stock (Multibagger Stock) saw a tremendous jump of 2,332.7 percent in this period. In this way, the share of Brightcom Group gave its investors a return of 2,332.7 percent in a year. The price of one share of the company was Rs 6.17 on February 12, 2021, which climbed BSE on Monday to Rs 150.10. This boom means that if someone had invested one lakh rupees in this share a year ago, then that amount would have increased to Rs 24.32 lakh at this time.

Brightcom Group Share Price Today
Brightcom Group

Today’s move of this share (Brightcom Group Share Price Today)

This midcap stock closed at the level of Rs 157.70 on BSE last season. It saw a decline in early business and came to Rs 149.85. However, it once again saw a slight improvement and at one time during the day’s business, it reached a level of Rs 150.10. The company’s market cap on BSE is around Rs 15,608 crore.

Shares have fallen this year

The company’s shares have fallen by 16.31 percent so far in 2022. The company’s stock reached its highest level of 52 weeks on December 24, 2021. On December 24, 2021, the price of a share of the company reached 204.80 percent. If the lowest level of 52 weeks was talked about, the share price of the company was at Rs 5.82 on May 5, 2021. In this way, between May 5, 2021, and December 24, 2021, the company’s shares gained 3,418 percent in about 7 months.

This is the pattern of shareholding

According to data as of January 25, 2022, 15 promoters of the company had a 19.74% stake in the company. At the same time, public shareholding stood at 80.26 percent. 2,11,987 shareholders had 94.83 crore shares of the company.

Learn about the company and its business

Brightcom Group operates worldwide ad-tech, new media, and IoT consolidation. The company is primarily active in the digital ecosystem. The company’s clients include Airtel (Airtel), British Airways (British Airways), Coca Cola (Coca Cola), Hyundai Motors.

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