Climate change: Humans are adapting themselves according to the changing situation

Due to the effects of climate change, all the animals of the world are trying to adapt themselves. This has been proved in different researches. But there are more expectations from humans. But are they changing themselves because of these influences? While changes are being felt along with social and other factors, a study has found that human beings can be made individually in terms of adapting to the changes brought about by climate change. Efforts are not enough.

Understanding is not enough

International researchers at the Global Adaptation Mapping Initiative (GAMI) work to collect scientific literature on adaptation to climate change, focusing on their specific study. In a recent study published in Nature Climate Change, researchers have found that human society is understanding the effects of climate change, but people are not able to do so at the individual level.

Much needed improvement

One of the authors of this article is Alexandra Lesnikowski, Assistant Professor of Geography, Planning and Environment at Concordia University while delving into the current literature on this, describing several cases where global improvement is needed for improvement. This is more important at a time when problems like the devastating effects of climate change, rising costs, displacement are visible.

Need for compatibility

In the midst of all this, one truth that needs to be met is the adaptation or adaptation of humans to these changes. People all over the world have been trying to learn to live with the climate that was not the same as the times of the previous generations. In this research, 125 researchers studied 50 thousand scientific documents for optimization through machine learning, in which they found that 1682 articles have the subject of feedback related to applying optimization.

Results not found

The researchers concluded that this literature indicates that people are responding to the threats of climate change, but there is no data to show whether these responses are reducing the risk. They also found that these responses did not produce any very effective change-making results.

Only locally

Lesnikowski says this was not surprising when it was discovered that many of the adaptations that were documented were at the very local level, involving individuals as well as local government. But this does suggest that there is an imbalance in which a lot is happening at the local level, but very little is happening at the large level. Not only this, there has not been much research in terms of adaptation in the private sector.

Focus on different things in different places

The researchers found that there is also a great deal of variation in terms of adaptation measures techniques. Europe and North America are where their customization centres are focused on infrastructure and technology. Poor people in Africa and Asia are placing more emphasis on behavioural and cultural aspects. It has also been found that many societies are engaged in some kind of adaptation behaviour due to climate change, the effectiveness of which has not been effectively measured.

The study recognizes that while the emphasis is on mitigating the factors of climate change, there has also been limited research on reducing the overall risk of those efforts to the extent of research on outcomes and climate change adaptability. The lack of steps taken in this direction is a matter of concern.

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