Coronavirus Reinfection: The risk of re-infecting Omicron is 5 times higher

Coronavirus Reinfection

At the moment when the world is witnessing a decline in cases of Covid, A recent research by Imperial College London found that the risk of re-infection in Omicron is high, Which is 5 times more than the other variants of Covid.

According to experts, cases of re-infection are seen more in the Omicron variant. In a paper published in Nature, researchers have stated that the highly contagious omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 compared to previous variants, The number of people infected with Covid has increased significantly.

According to data shared by the UK Health Protection Agency, just one percent of cases of covid-19 cases reported at the time were re-infection before mid-November, when omicron strains were not found, which now increased to about 10% have been made.

What does it mean to be infected with Covid again?

As the name itself suggests, Having a re-infection means having the same infection again once someone has an infection. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention says, “Re-infection with the virus that caused Covid-19 means that a person was infected, Then it was fixed, And after some time again became infected. Once infected with Covid-19, Most people get protection against this virus. although, Covid-19 has been seen to have re-infection.

According to the WHO, the chances of re-infection in omicron strain increase. The World Health Organization stated in November 2021 that the initial facts suggest that the risk of re-infection in Omicron is high, but the information is limited.

Do the symptoms of covid reinfection differ from the first infection? By the way, the symptoms of Omicron have been mildly seen, Experts and people who have been covid more than once, He says the symptoms were more severe when he had a re-infection. Based on reports of experiences of people who have been re-infected with Covid, it can be said that the symptoms of re-infection and re-infection are no different from each other.

What Health Experts Says On Coronavirus Reinfection


Health experts have said that the symptoms of re-infection can be just as different from one person to another, Such as symptoms of covid infection. Many people have a sore throat, Experience symptoms like runny nose, At the same time, many people may complain of mild to severe headaches.

How soon can corona be infected with the virus again?? Many experts associate re-infection with immunity. Right there, On the other hand, how soon can a person become infected again, there is no definitive answer. But according to CDC data, “New data shows that it is not necessary to test someone again in the 3 months after the initial infection Unless that person shows symptoms of covid-19 and the symptoms may not be associated with any other disease.”

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