Cryptocurrency: This cryptocurrency created a bluster, making 1 crore through 50 rupees.

Cryptocurrency Price: How much hard work and mind people put in to become a millionaire. Here we are telling you such an easy way to become a millionaire, in which people have earned 1 crore rupees through 50 rupees in just one year. This is the Shiba Inu (Alien Shiba Inu-ASHIB) cryptocurrency which has given very good returns in the last year. It has made people millionaires with very little investment. An investment of Rs 50 in just one go has now crossed Rs 1 crore. On the other hand, the rate of Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is still very low. A lot of Shiba Inu cryptocurrencies can be bought for even 1 rupee. Let’s know the complete details that investment of Rs 50 made millionaire Shiba Inu cryptocurrency’s rate is currently running at Rs 0.002. 1 year ago today, its rate was many times less than this. If anyone had invested 50 rupees in Shiba Inu a year ago today, then he would have got 5379930935.39542 Shiba Inu cryptocurrency at that time. The price of this much Shiba Inu cryptocurrency has gone up to Rs 11117788 i.e. Rs 1.11 crore today. In this way, a return of about 22235476% has been given in one year. You can also invest through SIP, if you also want to invest in cryptocurrencies through SIP, then you too can become a millionaire by doing so. You can also invest in this through Daily SIP, Weekly SIP and Monthly SIP. With a SIP of Rs 3 in the last year, today the investor will have 5533307675.42373 Shiba Inu cryptocurrency. The rate of Shiba Inu is currently running around Rs 0.002. This cryptocurrency did amazing, made 20 lakhs for 1 lakh rupees, that too in just 24 hours.