Delhi Air Pollution: Grape-3 restrictions came into force again

New Delhi, Jagran Digital Desk. Along with the knock of cold in the national capital Delhi, air pollution is also increasing. An AQI of 407 has been recorded in Delhi on Sunday, given which the Air Quality Management Commission has implemented the provisions of Group 3 by holding an emergency meeting.

Ban on construction and demolition

Delhi Air Pollution: All construction work in Delhi is now banned under the GRAP-3 restrictions imposed by CAQM. Apart from this, any kind of sabotage has also been banned. Along with this, mining has also been banned. Let us tell you that in the morning, there is a sheet of fog and mist in the entire Delhi-NCR. Due to this people are facing many problems. People are facing problems ranging from sore throat to burning sensation in the eyes.

Let us tell you that after Diwali in Delhi, the pollution situation in Delhi had reached the critical category, after which restrictions up to Grade 3 were implemented and construction works were also banned. Along with this, people were told to go out of the house only when needed. Many companies were also urged to work from home.

Air pollution is detected by AQI

Air Quality Index is a number through which the quality of air is measured. From this, the level of pollution present in the air is also detected. The air quality is divided into six categories based on the AQI reading. An AQI between zero and 50 is considered good, 51 and 100 satisfactory, 101 and 200 moderate, 201 and 300 poor, 301 and 400 very poor, and 401 and 500 severe.

Must use mask

According to doctors and experts, people should use masks to avoid pollution. Apart from this, one should avoid roaming outside the house and offices. Doctors say that polluted air can cause many diseases.

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