Dogecoin’s investors got rich due to Elon Musk’s tweet, know what was written like this

Cryptocurrency around the world, including bitcoin, has been witnessing a decline for the past few days. At the same time, the prices of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin have strengthened by more than 25 per cent. This increase in the price of Dogecoin has come after the tweet of SpaceX owner and Tesla CEO Elon Musk in which announced that Tesla vehicles can also be bought through Dogecoin.

Dogecoin got wings as soon as Musk’s tweet arrived. Self-proclaimed Dogefather’s tweet, DogeCoin, soared from $0.1623 to $0.2029 on Friday. Dogecoin was briefly among the top 10 digital tokens in the world.

Musk is crazy about cryptocurrency

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, is crazy about cryptocurrency. Last year, Musk backed investors’ idea of owning custody of crypto assets such as DogeCoin. Musk has posted several tweets on social media that Dogecoin is his favourite coin. This made this digital currency increasingly popular.

The biggest meme cryptocurrency is Dogecoin

Let us tell you that Dogecoin is the world’s first and largest meme cryptocurrency. This coin was started as a joke in the year 2014 and since then it has given a 45,000 per cent return to its investors.