Effect of Omicron, will there be lockdown again, schools may be closed, read updates.

After the increase in the cases of Omicron in the country, now the central government has swung into action. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to hold a big review meeting on Thursday. Meanwhile, it is feared that the new year may begin with restrictions like lockdown or lockdown (Lockdown 2022). It is being said that there will be brainstorming on this in the meeting with PM Modi. If the cases of Omicron continue to grow like this, then many types of sanctions can be imposed. There may be a ban on weddings as well as other events in the new year. Schools should be closed once again.

Omicron lockdown In India: States in preparation for strictness

Guidelines for the states have been issued by the Union Health Ministry. States have been asked to impose night curfew where necessary. Along with this, it has also been said to create a containment zone. Along with this, the state governments have also swung into action. New Year celebrations have been banned in Karnataka. On the other hand, big parties will not be held in Delhi and Mumbai. BMC’s permission has to be taken to organize a party with more than 200 guests in Mumbai. Strictness will increase in Haryana also from the new year. People without masks will not be allowed to enter public places. The salary of government employees who have not applied both doses of the vaccine will be withheld. In the letter sent by the Union Health Ministry to the states, it has been written that measures should be taken to eliminate the infection at the local level. Emergency rooms and services should be kept fully prepared. Where necessary, the number should be limited at weddings, parties and funerals. Testing should be increased. After this, it is feared that wherever Omicron will be uncontrollable, there may be a lockdown once again. State governments are still churning.

Schools may be closed again in Maharashtra:

Maharashtra is among the states where the highest number of cases of Omicron are being reported. Meanwhile, Maharashtra’s School Education Minister Prof Varsha Eknath Gaikwad has told ANI that if Omicron cases continue to rise, we may decide to close the schools again. We are monitoring the situation.

Omicron Night Curfew: Omicron Latest Status in India

Omicron’s latest position in India is that the variant has spread to 14 states with 220 patients. How fast Omicron is growing in the country is being gauged from the fact that on December 17 there were 100 cases and on December 21 this figure crossed 200. That is, the cases have doubled in just four days. People should learn a lesson in view of the manner in which there is an outcry in America and Britain. A large section in the country is still ignoring the rules like applying masks and following physical distance. This negligence can be fatal at any time.

Omicron Alert: Health Ministry warned – Delta is not gone yet

The Union Health Ministry has also said that the Delta variant has not been completely eradicated from the country yet. In such a situation, Delta and Omicron together can take a deadly form. It is being said about Omicron that it spreads rapidly, but is not as deadly as other variants of Corona.

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