Elon Musk talks about remaining grateful to Billie Eilish: Here’s Why

Elon Musk Jokes About Staying Grateful To Billie Eilish

  • Elon Musk shared a post about Billie Eilish helping him when he was a boy
  • He had shared the same post in 2019
  • It is a fictional encounter, since Musk is older than Eilish

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said in a post that singer Billie Eilish once observed a child sobbing while out and about. The youngster eventually grew up to become Elon Musk, and the woman who told him he would succeed in life handed him an air conditioner coil. The world’s richest man finished it off with a teary-eyed emoji that read, “Still very thankful.”

The 20-year-old American singer-songwriter is unquestionably much younger than the 51-year-old businessman. By showing a person providing advice to a small child who grows up to become a famous figure who is much older in real life than the one receiving it, this meme type turns chronology on its head. Reddit user comments that they don’t believe the Billie Eilish and Elon Musk narrative since the “timeline and likelihood” doesn’t stack up.

A meme that has been around for a while is the American actor and author Lin Manuel Miranda. He sees a little child sobbing as he walks down the street, encourages him to pursue his dreams, and the youngster grows up to become Lin Manuel Miranda. Britney Spears is shown urging a young youngster in one version to keep learning so that he might achieve in life. The boy grows up to be Steve Jobs, who famously dropped out of school to start Apple.

In another version, Markiplier shoots out the legs of every child because a crying Swedish youngster who was without his legs was unable to play with the other children. The youngster wipes away his tears and says, “Meme review,” as per the meme, and the boy later goes on to become the social media influencer Pewdiepie. Musk is well-known for routinely using memes and humor while discussing the advancement of human civilization or expressing his political views.

So Here is What Elon Musk Posted:

Elon Musk- Twittter

Musk had earlier shared this meme in 2019, captioning it “And I am forever grateful”. 

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