Bappi Lahiri Death: Famous Bollywood singer died at the age of 69 in Mumbai

Bappi Lahiri Death today passed away in mumbai

Bappi Lahiri Death:

Bappi Lahiri Death: Bollywood’s famous singer and ‘Remembering’ song has led to a reputation among people, with musician Bappi Lahiri dying at 11 pm at the Critic Care Hospital in Juhu in Mumbai.

The singer had been ill for a long time and was also undergoing treatment. Recently, singer Bappi Lahiri was infected with the Coronavirus.

Famous for wearing gold was ‘Bappy Da’

Bappi da was also known for wearing gold and always wearing glasses. He loved wearing gold. They were always wearing gold chains and big rings around their neck. Bappi Da was also known as ‘Rockstar’.

Bappi Da died due to this reason

Bappi Lahiri passes away, died in mumbai
Bappi Lahiri passes away

Bappi Lahiri Death:

The director of the hospital, Dr. Deepak Namjosh told the media, “Lahiri had been hospitalized for almost a month and was discharged from the hospital on Monday, but his health deteriorated on Tuesday and his family called a doctor home.”. He was brought to the hospital. He had many health problems.

He died late at night due to OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). The singer-musician, identified for wearing a thick gold chain and glasses, sang songs in several films in the 70–the 80s that were quite a hit.

These films include ‘moving’, ‘disco dancer’ and ‘drunkard’. His last Bollywood song was ‘Thanks’ for the 2020 film ‘Bagi 3’.

Disco King was Bappi Da

Bappi Da’s real name is Alokesh Lahiri. He has given Bollywood more than one icon song in the 70–80s. Gemini Chakraborty’s song IMA Disco Dancer Even today people remember Jubani. He was Bappi Da whose voice popularized the song from house to house. Bappi Da later became known as Disco King.

Filmfare Award won for the film ‘Drunken’ in 1985

Bappi Da sang songs in several films in the 70–80s which were quite a hit. These films include ‘moving’, ‘disco dancer’ and ‘drunkard’. Bappi Da played ahem Bhumika in popularizing disco music in India in the 80s and 90s. Bappi Da won the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director for the film ‘Malfunction’ in 1985. It is being said that his last song in Bollywood was the ‘sneak’ of the 2020 film ‘Bagi’.

Liked wearing gold jewelry

Bappi Lahiri loved wearing gold and always wearing glasses. It was his identity to wear a thick gold chain around the neck and a lot of gold ornaments including big rings in his hand. Bappi Lahiri is also known as Bollywood’s first rock star singer. Bappi Da was born on 17 November 1952 in Jalpiguri, West Bengal. Bappi Lahiri has two children.

The doctor said – Bappi Da was struggling with many health issues

PTI confirmed the death of Bappi Lahiri. At the same time, the director of the hospital, Dr. Deepak Namjoshi said that Bappi Lahiri had been hospitalized for a month. them Monday (14 February) Was discharged. But his condition worsened on Tuesday. Bappi Da’s family called the doctor at home. Bappi Da was immediately brought to the hospital. According to the doctor, Bappi da Health is quiet (Bappi Lahiri health issues) He was struggling with problems. He died from OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) caused by.

Mourning, fans, and celebs remember in the industry

The news of Bappi Lahiri’s death has led to a wave of mourning in the entire film industry. Celebrities and fans on social media are paying tribute to ‘Disco King’. No one is sure that now Bappi da is also not in this world Huh. A few days ago, the tone Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar passed away. Just now the country had not recovered from the shock of losing Lata Ji that now Bappi da said goodbye forever.

Bappi Lahiri in ‘Big Boss 15’

Bappi Lahiri was also seen in Salman Khan’s show ‘Big Boss 15’ this year. Even during that time, his health was seen as Massage. Salman had made special arrangements to place Bappi Da on the set.

Bappi Lahiri passes away: Dr Deepak Namjoshi, director of the CritiCare Hospital, informed that Bappi Lahiri was admitted at the hospital for a month and was discharged on February 14. However, his health deteriorated and the Bollywood music composer was again brought to the hospital where he breathed hs last.

“He died due to OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) shortly before midnight,” Dr Deepak Namjoshi, director of the hospital, said.

The shocking news of Bappi Lahiri’s death comes just days after legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, christened the Nightingale of India, breathed her last on February 6, 2022.

The news of his passing has come as a shock to Indian music fans, who are still mourning the death of Lata Mangeshkar.

Lahiri’s fans and followers, well-known faces from cinema, art, and other fields have all taken to Twitter to share condolence messages.

Bappi Lahiri Death: The veteran singer-composer had tested positive for COVID-19 in April last year and was confined to full bed rest. He was also being treated for multiple illnesses and was brought to CritiCare Hospital on Tuesday night. 

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