Father of different branches of Biology



1. Father of Biology: Aristotle
2. Father of Botany: Theophrastus
3. Father of Zoology: Aristotle
4. Father of Ayurveda: Charak
5. Father of Modern Cytology: Swanson
6. Father of Plastic Surgery: Susruta
7. Father of Taxonomy: Carolus Linnaeus
8. Father of Genetics: G. J. Mendel
9. Father of Modern Botany: Carolus Linnaeus
10. Father of Modern Genetics: T. H. Morgan
11. Father of Cytology: Robert Hooke
12. Father of Microbiology: Louis Pasteur
13. Father of Bacteriology: A. Van Leeuwenhoek
14. Father of Immunology: Edward Jenner
15. Father of Virology: W. M. Stanley
16. Father of Comparative Anatomy: G. Cuvier
17. Father of Medicine: Hippocrates
18. Father of Mutation Theory: Hugo de Vries
19. Father of Blood Circulation: William Harvey
20. Father of Ecology: Reiter
21. Father of Zoogeography: P. L. Sclater
22. Father of Parasitology: F. Platter
23. Father of Blood Group: Landsteiner
24. Father of Genetic Engineering: Paul Berg
25. Father of Conditioned Reflex: Ivan Pavlov
26. Father of Plant Physiology: Stephen Hales
27. Father of Endocrinology: Addison
28. Father of Biochemistry: Justus Von Leibig
29. Father of Palynology: Erdtman
30. Father of Palaeontology: Leonardo da Vinci
31. Father of Modern Palaeontology: Cuvier
32. Father of Antibiotics: Alexander Flemming
33. Father of Green Revolution: Norman E Borlaug
34. Father of Indian Green Revolution: M.S. Swaminathan
35. Father of Tissue Culture: Harrison
36. Father of Radiation Biology: Muller
37. Father of Human Genetics: Archibald Garrod
38. Father of Indian Ecology: R. Mishra
39. Father of ECG: Einthoven
40. Father of ATP Cycle: Lipmann

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