Health and safety responsibility of an employer with example

  • To provide with safe work place .e.g. Number of entry and exist, good illumination and ventilation.
  • To provide with safe plant and equipment e.g. Machine guarding, emergency control etc.
  • formulate and implement safe system of work. e.g. Risk assessment, Permit to work system etc.
  • provide with information instruction, training and supervision. e.g. On the job training, off the job training, demonstration, etc.
  • To provide PPE at free of charge e.g. hard hat, safety shoes, aprons, etc.
  • To consult with the workers on those matters that could affect their health and safety. e.g. during change in the process, Hazard identification, etc.
  • To ensure that the working hours does not adversely affect the health and safety of workers e.g. no excessive over time, remove fatigue, etc.
  • Periodically carry out health surveillance e.g. audiometry test, skin test, eye test, etc.