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Introducing Instagram new feature:

Social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp etc. keep updating their platforms by introducing new features to maintain the attractiveness of users. Recently photo-based social networking site Instagram has given information about several new updates that users’ content outside the app Will improve the way it is displayed. Instagram reported in a blog post that ‘we heard your response and want to make it easier for you to increase your audience and better preview your content at a greater location’. According to the update, While sharing Insta posts on Twitter from public account, now users will see image preview in tweet. It highlights your content and shows people what they will see when they click on your link

With this update, Instagram’s goal is to create a better experience for those who want to see the preview of Instagram content while scrolling on Twitter. The thing to note is that people using Insta use their images, Reels share with those who follow him. To view the preview of an Instagram post on Twitter, it is mandatory for an Instagram account to be public

If you write a tweet and include a link to a public Instagram post, an image preview with a thumbnail in the tweet will be shown as a Twitter card. In addition to the caption image preview from the post if you share from Insta to Twitter will see. With this, clicking on the preview link on Twitter will bring you to the direct Instagram post. All types of feed posts, Like photo, Video, Carousel and Reel, Will preview if shared on Twitter. Story will not be seen as a preview on Twitter for now.

Apart from sharing preview on Twitter, users can also embed their Insta profile on a website. The app has enabled posts from public accounts to be embedded on external websites in the past to encourage you to see more You can share your profile preview and your latest 6 images. The thing to note is that it will first be present in the United States of America and then it will be updated later in more countries.

How to embed Instagram profiles on the web:

How to Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress

Go to the profile you want to share. If this is your profile then click on the gear icon. If this is another profile, click on three dots (**•). ‘ Click ‘Ambed’ first, then click ‘Copy Embed Code’ To display the profile preview, copy the code to your website and then paste it. Users can select whether to embed your public posts or profiles on websites outside of Instagram using a new control for the embed in the settings. This setting will also be available initially only to people in the United States.

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