Narendra Modi Speech: What did PM Narendra Modi announce on the vaccine and third dose of elder children? Read his full speech here

My dear countrymen, wishing you all a Merry Christmas. We are in the last week of this year. 2022 is just about to arrive. All of you are busy preparing to welcome 2022, but with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, this is also the time to be alert.

Today, infection is increasing in many countries of the world due to the new variant of the corona, Omicron. In India too, many people are infected with Omicron. I would urge all of you not to panic, yes be careful, be alert. Make full use of the mask and wash our hands every once in a while, we do not have to forget these things.

Today, when the virus is mutating, our strength and confidence to face the challenge are also multiplying. Our innovative spirit is also increasing. Today the country has 18 lakh isolation beds. There are 5 lakh oxygen supported beds. There are 1 lakh 40 thousand ICU beds. If ICU and non-ICU beds are combined, then 90 thousand beds are also especially for children. Today more than 3 thousand PSA Oxygen plants are working in the country. 4 lakh oxygen cylinders have been given across the country. States are being assisted in preparing buffer doses of essential medicines, adequate testing kits are also being provided to them.


The experience of fighting the corona global epidemic so far shows that following all the guidelines at the individual level is a great weapon to combat corona and the second weapon is vaccination. Understanding the seriousness of this disease, our country also started working in mission mode on vaccine manufacturing long ago. Along with research on the vaccine, we also worked continuously on the approval process, supply chain, distribution, training, IT support system, certification.

The result of these preparations was that India started giving the vaccine to its citizens from January 16 this year. It is the collective effort and collective will of all the citizens of the country that today India has crossed the unprecedented and very difficult target of 141 crore vaccine doses.

Today, more than 61 percent of India’s adult population has received both doses of the vaccine. Similarly, about 90 percent of the adult population has been given a single dose of the vaccine. Today every Indian would be proud that we conducted such a safe vaccination campaign in the world’s largest, most expansive and amidst the most difficult geographical conditions.

Many states and especially tourism-important states like Goa, Uttarakhand, Himachal (Himachal) have achieved the target of 100% single-dose vaccination. Today, when the news of 100% vaccination comes from the remotest villages of the country, it gives satisfaction to the mind.

This is proof of the strength of our health system, of our team delivery, of the dedication and commitment of our healthcare workers, and the discipline of the common man of the country and his belief in science. The nasal vaccine and the world’s first DNA vaccine will also start soon in our country.


India’s fight against Corona has been based on scientific principles, scientific advice and scientific method from the very beginning. The vaccination campaign is going on in the country for the last 11 months. The countrymen are also feeling its benefits. His everyday life is returning to normal. Economic activities have also been encouraging compared to many countries of the world.

But friends,

We all know that Corona is not gone yet. In this case, vigilance is very important. To keep the country safe, we have worked relentlessly to keep the countrymen safe. When the vaccination started, it was decided based on scientific suggestions that who should start giving the first dose. What is the gap between the first and second doses, when healthy people should be vaccinated, when those who have had corona should be vaccinated, and when those who suffer from co-morbidities should be vaccinated, such decisions were made continuously and these situations were handled? It has also proved to be very helpful. India has taken its decisions according to its situation and circumstances, only on the suggestion of the scientists of India.


Currently, the discussions about Omicron are going on in full swing. Its experiences in the world are also different, the estimates are also different. Scientists of India are also keeping a close watch on this, are working on it. Today, when 11 months have been completed for our vaccination, then some decisions have been taken given the study done by the scientists and the experiences of the whole world. Today is the birthday of Atal Ji, it is the festival of Christmas, so I felt that I should share this decision with all of you.

For children who are between the age of 15 years to 18 years, now vaccination will start in the country. In 2022, it will be started from Monday on 3rd January. This decision will not only strengthen the country’s fight against Corona, but it will also reduce the worry of our children going to schools and colleges and their parents.


We all have an experience that those who are corona warriors, healthcare and frontline workers, have a huge contribution in keeping the country safe in this fight. Even today, he spends a lot of his time in the service of Corona patients. Therefore, from the point of view of Precaution, the Government has decided that Precaution Dose of Vaccine will also be started for Healthcare and Frontline Workers. It will be started in 2022 from the day of 10 January, Monday.


It is also the experience of corona vaccination so far that it is advisable to take precautions for those who are older and are already suffering from some serious disease. Keeping this in mind, citizens with co-morbidities above 60 years of age will have the option of a precautionary dose of the vaccine on the advice of their doctor. This too will start from January 10.


I have a request that all efforts to create rumours, confusion and fear should be avoided. Together all of us countrymen have run the world’s largest vaccination campaign so far. In the coming time, we have to give it more momentum and expand it. The efforts of all of us will strengthen the country in this fight against Corona.

Thank you all so very much ! Modi