Omicron: The government of India issued an advisory regarding the Corona variant


The Government of India has issued an advisory to the people amid the questions arising about the new variant of Corona, Omicron. The Ministry of Health has also given answers to the questions that are being asked commonly about Omicron.

The Health Ministry has also said that given the vaccination data in India and the immunity created in people during the delta variant, it is believed that the chances of Omicron becoming serious are low.

Is Omicron Corona Virus Variant More Dangerous?
Which test will tell if you are infected with the Omicron variant?
Because of Omicron, the question is arising in the minds of people whether the third wave is about to come. Regarding this, the Government of India has said that Omicron can spread to other countries including India.

The ministry has said that it is not yet clear on what scale this variant will spread and what will be its severity.

He said that it is believed that the severity of this disease will be less. The ministry has said that although scientific evidence is still being collected and new evidence is coming out.

Given Omicron, the Government of India has appealed to the people to get the vaccine. In a statement issued on Friday, the Health Ministry of the Central Government said that Omicron can spread to countries of the world including India.

The government said that looking at the immunity (defensive system of the body) and vaccination created in people after the delta variant, it is being estimated that Omicron disease will not be very serious.

Is the current vaccine effective?
The government has also said in the statement that there is no evidence yet to show that the current vaccine is not working on Omicron. In its statement, the government has emphasized vaccinating more and more people.

The current tests being done in India can detect Covid infection but it cannot detect whether it is an Omicron variant or not. Confirmation of Omicron requires a genome sequence test.

State governments across the country are on alert after the new variant of Omicron was found in Bangalore, India. So far four cases of Omicron have been found in India. On Saturday 4 December, one case came to light in Gujarat and one in Maharashtra.

Meanwhile, Covid infection has been confirmed in two international travellers in Tamil Nadu. They came from Singapore and Britain. People who came in contact with these two people are being tracked.

Booster Dose Advice
According to the news agency PTI, India’s top genome scientists have recommended a booster dose of the Covid vaccine for people above the age of forty.

The Government of India has set up a network of SARS-CoV-2 Genome Sequencing Labs to track different variants of COVID-19. The consortium of this network has told the government that based on risk and population, people above 40 should be given a booster dose.

What in the world is going on?

Governments around the world are also on alert since the new variant of Covid came out Omicron. US President Joe Biden has announced new rules for travellers arriving in America.

Now it will be mandatory for all passengers coming to America to get tested 24 hours before starting the journey. This rule will apply to citizens of all countries. Those who have got the vaccine vaccinated will also have to get tested.

President Biden said, “This strict timeline of tests will provide additional protection. Scientists are studying this new Omicron variant.”

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization issued a warning for the Asia-Pacific region, saying that countries will have to strengthen their healthcare systems and get people vaccinated as soon as possible to deal with the increasing cases of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, cases of Omicron variants are also being reported in Australia. Australia has already imposed travel restrictions on South African countries.

Cases of Omicron have been reported in many countries of Asia this week. These include India, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

Germany, the country with Europe’s largest economy, has said that people who have not got the vaccine will not be able to do any work other than essential services. Germany is also going to introduce a new law to make vaccination mandatory.

Governments are imposing travel restrictions, but the World Health Organization says closing borders will only give time.

Which test will tell if you are infected with the Omicron variant?
Is the Omicron variant that dangerous?
Omicron’s knock in India too, two cases found for the first time Takeshi Kasai, WHO’s regional director for the Western Pacific region, said, “One should not rely only on closing borders. The most important thing is to prepare to deal with this highly infectious variant. From the information we have now, we should know.” Turns out we don’t need to change our approach.”

Countries around the world are imposing travel restrictions since Omicron’s case surfaced. On Thursday, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway and Russia tightened travel rules. On Friday, Malaysia said that it is going to further tighten the travel rules.

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