Omicrone ALERT: Omicron cases are increasing rapidly, do not ignore these two symptoms

The increasing cases of Omicron across the country have become a matter of concern. Don’t make any mistake that will harm you. Cold cough and fever were the most common symptoms in the previous wave of the corona epidemic. But, now gradually the symptoms are also coming out differently. According to experts, two symptoms of Omicron are completely different from the common cold. It is very important to recognize it. Otherwise, it may increase your trouble.

Many studies are going on to understand Omicron. According to experts, it is common for different variants to have different symptoms. Same thing with Omicron. Symptoms of Omicron are similar to those of a cold, but it begins gradually with two unusual symptoms. This includes headaches and fatigue.

Omicron also has these symptoms

Along with headache and fatigue, there are many other symptoms that indicate Omicron. According to the World Health Organisation, the new variant is three times more contagious than the previous one and can infect a greater number of people. This virus can also protect against immunity from vaccines and natural infections. Some common symptoms of Omicron include mild fever, tiredness, prickling in the throat, and severe body pain.

Compare Omicron and Delta

According to experts, the symptoms of Omicron and Delta variants are not yet fully differentiated. The data so far shows that only 50 percent of people experience the classic three symptoms of coronavirus, fever, cough or loss of taste. Apart from these, both the variants have a runny nose, headache, mild or extreme tiredness, sneezing or a sore throat.

How to Avoid Omicron

First you take both the doses of the vaccine. In the celebration of the new year, keep yourself away from the crowd and take full care of physical distance. Wear the mask properly. Don’t remove it at all. Keep your hands clean from time to time.