Online Banking Transaction Tips To Stay Safe

Make Online Banking Transaction Safe, Follow These 10 Tips; Stay safe from cyber attack

Online Banking Security Tips: With the facility of online banking for bank customers, the transaction has become very simple and convenient. Along with increasing online banking transactions, the risk of bank fraud is also increasing. Cases of online bank frauds come to the fore every day. To avoid fraud, banks also alert their customers about online fraud and give security tips from time to time. Public sector Union Bank of India has given 10 online banking security tips to its customers through email.

Beware of Suspicious Pop Ups

Always beware of suspicious-looking pop-ups whenever customers are browsing. Because they can be prone to malware.

Check Safe Payment Gateway

Always use a secure payment gateway to ensure security in online payments. Before making an online payment, verify a secure payment gateway (URL & https://- padlock symbol).

Do not visit the website by e-mail message

Never click on a link in an e-mail message to visit a website. Links in e-mails may be vulnerable to virus or malware attacks.

Reach the bank website just by typing the URL

Customers should always login to their bank’s website by simply typing the URL in their address bar.

Use personal passphrase in password

Customers should always use personal passphrase while creating their password. Let us understand this with an example, for example, if I Like Red Color make it a password, then [email protected] can make it like this.

Keep PIN, Card Number, CVV Number Confidential

Customers are always advised to keep their personal identification number (PIN), password, credit, debit card number, CVV number and all other personal data confidential. Do not share this with anyone else.

Do not share copy of passbook, check book, KYC document

The customer should never share the copy of his bank passbook, check book, bank statement, KYC documents with strangers or anyone without need.

Use Two Factor Authentication

Use Two Factor Authentication in Online Banking where Extra Service is available for additional security.

Free gift, don’t fall for the prize

Never fall in the trap of free gifts, lucky draws, prices. Do not share your personal bank details or sensitive information with anyone under the guise of winning prizes or lucky draws. There is always a risk of bank fraud in such offers.

Do not keep unnecessary apps or software on the device

Customers are advised to never install any unnecessary or unnecessary app or software on their personal device (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile).

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