Popular bikes, including Royal Enfield’s Classic 350, are expensive, know what’s new prices

Two-wheeler automaker Royal Enfield (Royal Enfield) has increased the prices of some of its flagship models in India. New prices have come into force. The bikes the company has raised include popular bikes such as the Classic 350,Meteor 350 and Himalayan motorcycles.

According to new prices, the company has made short hikes on its best-selling bike Classic 350 model. The highest price is increased by Himalayan. Himalayan range bikes have become expensive at 4 thousand rupees.

The price so high on the Meteor 350 bike

Royal Enfield has increased the prices of the Meteor 350 fireball range by Rs 2,511. The price of these bikes now starts at Rs 2.01 lakh (ex-showroom). At the same time, the Steller range in the Meteor 350 lineup has increased by Rs 2.601. The Stellar range of Meteor 350 now costs Rs 2.07 lakh. (X-showroom) and starts at Rs.2.09 lakh. (X-showroom).

Highest increase on Supernova

Supernova models of the Meteor 350 lineup have been the highest. It has increased by Rs 2,752 on all its variants. The price of this bike starts at Rs 2.17 lakh.

Classic 350 expensive up to 3,332 rupees

The price of bikes of the Classic 350 range has increased between Rs 2,872 and Rs 3,332 depending on the variant. The entry-level Redditch Classic 350 will now cost 1.87 lakhs (ex-showroom), while the top-spec Chrome Classic 350 will cost 2.18 lakhs (ex-showroom).

All bikes in the Himalayan range are 4 thousand expensive

The prices of all bikes in the Royal Enfield Himalayan range have increased by more than Rs 4,000. Silver and gray Himalayan prices will now start at 2.14 lakh rupees (ex-showroom), while black and green Himalayan will come at an increased price of 2.22 lakh rupees (ex-showroom).

Price not increased on these bikes

In addition to these three range motorcycles, Royal Enfield sells three other models, including Interceptor, Continental GT and Bullet. However, there has been no change in the prices of these motorcycles yet.

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