Tension over! When will your number come for booster dose, government will send SMS alert

Booster doses have been started in many countries of the world. In the new year, a third dose of the corona vaccine will be given to certain categories of people in their country as a precautionary dose. As per the guidelines of the government, this category will include health workers, frontline workers and people above 60 years of age suffering from some serious diseases like heart disease. If you or your relatives fall into this category, how do you know on which day the third dose will be given? Let’s know.

The most important thing is that the third dose will be given only after the completion of 9 months or 39 weeks from the date of the second dose of the corona vaccine. For this registration on Cowin is required. In an interview, Covin Chief Dr RS Sharma said that the healthcare workers who have received two doses and senior citizens with critical illnesses will receive SMS on their mobiles to register for the booster shot.

As a precaution, the third dose is going to be taken from January 10, 2022. Which vaccine will be used as a booster dose, soon the situation will be clear about it. It is also not known yet, the third dose will be of the same vaccine, which has two or will be replaced. It is understood that everything will become clear in a day or two. However, children of 15-18 years will get Covaxin.

Dr Sharma said, “Senior citizens will already be registered on the Covin platform as they would have already taken two doses. We also know when he took the last dose. As it completes 9 months for the second dose, the Cowin app will send an SMS with the information that if they have serious comorbidity, they can now take the prescriptive dose.

Thereafter, users can book prescription (booster) doses from the same mobile number. Dr Sharma has told that the healthcare workers will also be informed that they have become eligible for the booster shot.