These 3 iPhone models are being discontinued, check list

Apple is going to discontinue the old model of its cheap iPhone SE. At present, the iPhone 6 smartphone model is secure till 2023. But there are reports that a new security update will not be released for the phone. The company is going to launch a new model of iPhone SE, iPhone SE3 in 2023 this year. In such a situation, Apple will shut down the old phone in a planned manner. The iPhone models that will be discontinued by Apple include smartphones like iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus. These three smartphones are Apple’s affordable iPhone models, which are used by millions of people.

It is being claimed that these three smartphones will not get the new iOS 16 update. This simply means that the company is preparing to discontinue these three smartphones. Although Apple does not suddenly discontinue any iPhone model. Any discontinued product from Apple puts its products in the list of “Vintage Products”. Now the question arises that what are Vintage and Obsolete products? Smartphones and parts that are limited to manufacturing are called Vintage and Obsolete products. Also, new security updates are not issued by the company for these products. But MacRumors has claimed in its report that now the iPhone 6 Plus has also been included in this list. Apple sold millions of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models since their 2015 launch. The iPhone 6 is currently protected until 2023.

What will be the effect on users

Once an iPhone is included in the ‘vintage’ list, it becomes quite difficult to get spare parts and repairs for that model. In such a situation, if there is some problem with the device, then you are very limited in terms of fixing it. The ‘Vintage’ period lasts for two years, after which the company declares the product as ‘Obsolete’. Apple removed support for the iPhone 6 with the release of iOS 13 two years ago.