Top 5 games in the world of online gaming, know who is number one

There was a time when online gaming was considered useless. But with the changing times, online gaming has become a major medium of business. The global mobile gaming market was valued at around $7.4 billion (about Rs 54,848 crore) in December 2021, registering a decline of 2 per cent over the previous year. This business has been done from Google Play Store and App Store.

PUBG Mobile most played mobile game

The US has emerged as the world’s largest mobile gaming market during December 2021. During this, the US has done a business of about $ 2.2 billion (Rs 16,304 crore). US mobile gaming accounts for a 29.6 percent market share globally. It is followed by Japan with 20.3%. Japan’s total revenue stood at 20.3%. China ranks third in mobile gaming with 15.7 percent.

Who are the top mobile games

PUBG Mobile is the most played mobile gaming app in the world in December 2021. This gaming app is made by Tecent. A total of $244 million was spent on PUBG Mobile gaming worldwide in December 2021. Which is 36.7 percent more than in December 2020. According to the report, about 68.3 percent of the revenue of PUBG Mobile comes from China. Where PUBG Mobile is known as Game for Peace. After this, PUBG Mobile is the most played in the US with 6.8 percent and in Turkey with 5.5 percent. This has been revealed from the report of Sensor Tower.

miHoYO’s Genshin Impact mobile game is the second most played mobile game in the world. Which grossed about $ 134.3 million in December 2021. 28 percent of Geneshin Impact’s revenue comes from China alone. It is followed by the US with 23.4 per cent. Roblox from Roblox Corporation is the third most-played mobile game in the world. Moon Active’s Coin Master is the fourth and Honor of Kings the fifth most played mobile game in the world.

Top 5 Mobile Games

1. pubg mobile

2. Genshin Impact

3. Roblox

4. Coin Master

5. Honor of kings