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Python is the top coding language or computer languages in TIOBE and PYPL Index


According to TIOBE INDEX 2022, it’s mentioned that the most used coding language or computer languages is Python, if we look back, we can see that in January 2021, Python lies in 3rd position. Python is becoming the first option to choose from top coding languages. Coming to the second most used coding language or computer languages for the year 2022 is C.


Python exceeded C in 1st position in October 2021. Python, C and Java are way ahead of the others in TIOBE Index. C++ is on the 4th floor while C# and Visual Basic .NET are very close to each other at the 5th and 6th issues. These five have had negative trends over the past five years: Java, C, C++, C # and PHP. PHP was in 3rd position in March 2010 is now in the 12th. The positions of Java, C and C++ have not been very affected, but their ratings are constantly decreasing. The Java rating increased from 26.49% in June 2001 to 10.12% in December 2021. 

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According to PYPL, which publishes a separate ranking for five countries, Python is the top coding language or computer languages of choice in the five countries (United States, India, Germany, United Kingdom, France). Python has taken a huge lead in these five countries over the 2nd number of Java, and its parts are almost double Java in four countries except India. These two representatives almost half (48%) of overall research. JavaScript reached its highest share of 9.2% in December 2021. JavaScript is in 3rd position in the United States, India and Germany.

PHP is the biggest loser in recent years in PYPL. Its share was more than 20% in 2008; now this fig is only 5.76% in 2021. Java is too declining but not as fast as PHP. Java’s contribution exceeded 31% in 2008, and it still holds 18%. In 2004-2009, 50% of the research was Java or PHP.

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Most Popular Coding Language

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022:

  • Python- Python can be seen as the future of programming languages. According to the latest statistics, Python is the main coding language for around 80% of developers. The presence of large libraries in Python facilitates artificial intelligence, data science and automatic learning processes. Currently, Python is trendy and can be considered the king of programming languages. Learning this programming language in 2022 therefore promises success and growth. It is one of the most lucrative languages that offers incredible functionalities such as: Easy to learn and code. Libraries and extended frames that support a plethora of applications. Companies working on Python: Intel, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, etc.
  • JAVA- Java is one of the most powerful programming languages currently used in more than 3 billion devices. Java is currently one of the most trendy technologies. It is used in office applications, mobile applications, web development, artificial intelligence, cloud applications and many others. Learning and acting in this technology therefore offers incredibly high wages, incredible growth opportunities and global recognition. Some of Java’s important features are: Independence of the platform and object-oriented programming Improvement of productivity, performance and security This is the most secure language Companies working on Java are Amazon, Adobe, Flipkart, Instagram , etc. Java can therefore be considered one of the richest languages to learn in 2022.
  • JavaScript- JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world on the web. According to the survey, more than 97% of websites use JavaScript on the client side of the web page. It has a well-organized code base that offers improved productivity and profitability. Easy to learn and in great demand. Independence of the platform and increased control of the browser. Provide validation functionality for user inputs. The best companies using JavaScript are Microsoft, Uber, PayPal, Google, Walmart, etc. According to the latest statistics, 72% of companies are looking for JavaScript developers. Therefore, learning JavaScript can be the most amazing decision you can make in 2022 to fuel your career.
  • C- It is a versatile programming language designed to work effectively on games, graphics and business applications. It offers incredible functionalities such as: Presence of functions and integrated operators. It is expandable. Improved speed and efficiency. The best companies using C are GitHub, Telegram messenger, MasterCard, etc. It is in great demand despite the emergence of new programming languages. It offers the possibility of building a successful career.
  • PHP- PHP is one of the general purpose scripting languages that will continue to gain importance in the years to come. It is part of the first server-side language that can be integrated into HTML to add functionality to web pages. Due to the growing online trend, PHP developers are in high demand. Some of the incredible features are: Simple and easy to learn. Faster than other scripting languages Very safe to prevent threats and attacks. Incredible websites like Facebook, Yahoo and Wikipedia work on PHP.

The 10 Most Popular Coding Languages | Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Most Popular Coding Languages:

1. Python

Python is used in a wide variety of applications, including artificial intelligence, financial services, and data science. Social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are also built on Python.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is used extensively in website and mobile application development. Node.js allows for the development of browser-based applications, which do not require users to download an application.

3. Java

Along with business applications, Java is used extensively in the Android mobile operating system.

4. C#

C# is the go-to language for Microsoft ad Windows application development. It can also be used for mobile devices and video game consoles using an extension of the .NET Framework called Mono.

5. C

Because it can run on any type of device, C is often used to program hardware, such as embedded devices in automobiles and medical devices used in healthcare.

6. C++

C++ has many uses and is the language behind everything from computer games to mathematical simulations.

7. Go

Go is used primarily for applications that need to process a lot of data. In addition to Google, companies using Go for certain applications include Netflix, Twitch, and Uber.

8. R

R is primarily used in statistical software products.

9. Swift

Swift is used for iOS and macOS applications.

10. PHP

PHP is the code running content-oriented websites such as Facebook, WordPress, and Wikipedia.

7 Other Programming Languages to Consider

The following programming languages aren’t quite as popular as the 10 listed above, but they are also worth considering if you’re looking to expand your programming options.

  • Dart is optimal for programming applications that need to run on multiple platforms, such as Windows and iOS. 
  • Kotlin is used to develop applications for the Android OS. 
  • MATLAB is a proprietary language developed by MathWorks and used for scientific research and numerical computing. 
  • Perl got its start for programming text, which makes it easy to learn and popular for developing a proof of concept. 
  • Ruby is losing traction as compared to other languages, but the Ruby on Rails framework was influential to other, later Web application frameworks for Python, PHP, and JavaScript.
  • Rust emphasizes high performance and security and is useful for applications where many things are happening concurrently.
  • Scala, named as a play on scalable language, is compatible with Java and is useful for cloud-based applications. 

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