Upcoming iPhone will be cheaper than Android, may be launched in March

Apple iPhone SE 5G: If you are an Android phone user and are thinking of switching to iPhone, then waiting a little longer can prove to be a profitable deal for you. Because Apple is preparing to launch its new iPhone SE in the market soon, which will be much cheaper than Android phones. (Upcoming Apple iPhone SE) According to the report, users will get the facility of 5G connectivity in the iPhone SE and for this, users will not have to wait much longer.

iPhone SE 5G will be launched on this day
Gizmochina’s report informs that according to Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, Apple is preparing to organize a big event this year. This event can be organized in March or April. The special thing is that like last year, this time also the company will organize this event virtually. In 2022, the iPhone SE will reportedly launch in the first half of the year.

iPhone SE will be equipped with many powerful features
According to the report about the iPhone SE, 3GB RAM will be given in it. Whereas the company can use 4GB RAM in the model to be launched next year i.e. in 2023. Display analyst Ross Young had earlier said that Apple is working on a new 4.7-inch iPhone SE with 5G connectivity for launch in 2022, followed by a successor iPhone SE model in 2024 with a 5.7-inch to 6.1-inch LCD.

Young originally said that the larger iPhone SE model was scheduled for 2023, but this has now been pushed to 2024, although Kuo said he believes it is still expected to launch in 2023. Let’s do it. The 2022 iPhone SE is expected to retain the current model’s design and 4.7-inch display and add 5G connectivity, but it is unclear whether it will have an A14 or A15 chip.