What is Lifi and how it will benefit your business

Lifi stands for Li-Fi and is a new technology that transmits data using light instead of radio frequencies, similar to how wifi does now. The Lifi technology was developed by Scottish inventor Harald Haas, who coined the term Lifi and presented his concept in 2011. Many people have been wondering what the Lifi technology will bring and how they can benefit from it, so we’ll look at what this new technology will mean to you as a business owner or internet user in general. We will also look at some of the main advantages of using Lifi over traditional wifi methods that are currently in use today.

What Is LiFi?

We have become so accustomed to WiFi in homes, businesses, and public spaces that we don’t even question whether or not it exists anymore. But what if you could use light to communicate data? This is exactly what LiFi allows users to do, allowing for data transfer speeds as high as 100 times faster than current WiFi technology. Businesses looking for a way to streamline processes, provide better customer service, and reach new demographics should take note of LiFi technologies. Here’s everything you need to know about LiFi: What Is LiFi? A brief history of LiFi Technologies What Is LiFi Used For? How Does It Work? How Can I Get It?

How Does LiFi Work?

The idea of LiFi may have seemed foreign just a few years ago, but as we reach further into our digital dependency and interact with Wi-Fi on a daily basis, now seems like an apt time to take a closer look at LiFi. How does it work? Does it provide faster internet speeds than Wi-Fi? What’s next for LiFi? We’ll examine each of these questions in order to give you a better understanding of what LiFi is, how does it work and its potential applications. So without further ado…let’s dive right in!

Who Uses LiFi?

One of LiFi’s biggest benefits to businesses comes from increased Internet speeds. LiFi, which uses visible light communication (VLC), promises data rates as high as 10 Gbps. Current WiFi tops out at around 1 Gbps. LiFi can be used in large office buildings or enterprise facilities with lots of wireless devices. It also has advantages over WiFi in situations where there are large numbers of people with access to an area because only authorized users have a device that emits a light signal.

Where Can I Get A LiFi System?

It may be obvious to most of us, but for those that don’t know, LiFi is short for Light Fidelity. It is a type of wireless communication technology which uses light from LED bulbs or other light sources to transmit data at high speeds. It offers a means of sending data far beyond what WiFi can achieve today, with speeds as fast as 10Gbps already having been achieved in lab testing. At present though there are no commercial products available yet for end users in North America, but that could change soon as more companies begin looking into its applications and benefits.