WhatsApp Tips And Tricks: Method of complaining of objectionable message

WhatsApp Tips And Tricks:

Instant Messaging App Whatsapp takes special care of the convenience and security of its users and that is why WhatsApp has become a very popular app among users today. Whatsapp is now used not only for chatting but for video calling, voice calling, and photo and video transfer. (Whatsapp Video Calling) The company continues to offer new features to users to provide a better experience (Whatsapp Upcoming Features). Today (Whatsapp Trick) WhatsApp has become the easiest method of communication. Whatsapp is being used not only for personal but also for professional work.

Many people misuse it amid the growing popularity of Whatsapp. Why do you share your WhatsApp number for communication?. In such a situation, due to the number in the wrong hands many times, you have to face an objectionable message. Which makes WhatsApp uncomfortable to use. By the way, WhatsApp users know that after blocking a number, messages do not come from it. But taking action against objectionable messages is extremely important and WhatsApp also facilitates you. Here we will tell you how to complain of any objectionable message on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Tips And Tricks:

Method of complaining of objectionable message Complaining an objectionable message on

Step 1- Whatsapp is very easy. First open your Whatsapp account for this.

Step 2- Open the chat from the number from which the message came after this.

Step 3- Press and hold the message you want to complain about for 3 seconds.

Step 4- Then you will see three dots in the right side at the top of the chat. Click on them.

Step 5- After this you will get the option of report there, click on it.

Step 6- After this you will be asked whether you want to block the number of that user or not?

Step 7- Select any of these options and after that you will not get messages from that number.

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