Why is it important to manage safely ?

Let think about a serious accident happened in your organization. what it mean to your organization?

Imagine about the injured workers, their pain & suffering and the personal medical costs. Also thinks about their colleagues, friends and family. They may have to stay for a long time or may never able to work again.

if its shown that the accident was happened due to the failure of risk safety in the organization, the regulator may take action which leads to the prosecutions, fine & imprisonment.

There may be personal injury claim by the injured worker. May be that doesn’t cost you much as you’re good big organization in financial terms. But what about the change in labor, accident investigation, fee charged by the regulatory body. For example there is also a fee for intervention (FF) in Great Britain – downtime and an increase in insurance premiums.? These fines and workers are much more than compensation costs. Also remember that insurance will not pay the cost of criminal fines.

And what happens when the local or even national press and television take hold. Accident story. What is the big multinational company recently. Placed an order with your organization Who’s going to think? What will other potential customers, clients, employees do. contractors and local and national communities. Think about your reasoning.? You will probably find your loss. Will cost a lot more than reputation. those fines.

Three key reasons to manage safely:


This is not acceptable to the workers the be a victim of Injury and ill health as a result of doing your job. It shows that the organization cares about this. The health and safety of my employees lead to a happy one. More productive workforce.


Countries with safety and health laws organizations usually require responsible people to assess the risk of proper foreboding from to establish the activities and control of the company measures that will reduce the risk as far as typically practical. This is quite reasonable; after all it is
Risk-generating companies!


As well as reducing the likelihood of fines and personal injury claims, managing health and safety can save money through lower insurance premiums and safer and more effective ways to work. As a health and safety-conscious employer, a reputation-conscious employer can open doors for you in acquiring new business, retaining and recruiting new employees.

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Case Study

The pharmaceutical manufacturer AstraZeneca started a ‘Well-being’ programme for employees, which focused on home-work balance, rehabilitation and treatment and health promotion. The company benefited tremendously from this strategy: the UK alone, absence levels are 31 per cent lower than the UK average, saving an estimated £5 million per year. There was a 53 per cent reduction in the number of ergonomic-related health and safety cases per million hours Worked by the firm’s UK employees in the first six months, and a reduction in the number of work-related
stress cases.