World’s Poorest Countries: 10 poorest countries in the world

Poorest Countries in the World: There are enough resources in the world. With which the entire human race can live happily. But still many countries are facing dire poverty.

1. Burundi

This country has been battling civil war and comes at the top of the poor countries of the world. About 90 percent of its 12 million citizens depend on agriculture for a living. People have to live between water and dirt. There is a lot of corruption here (Burundi). Less than ten percent of the population gets electricity. Here the GNI per person is $686.

2. Central African Republic

The GNI of this country is much less than any other country in the world. It got independence from France in 1960. But many times the upheavals have devastated the country. Here coups, religious violence and corrupt government officials are also responsible for this condition. The GNI per capita here is $663.

3. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

It is a country rich in natural resources like copper, diamonds and other minerals. But still, more than 60 lakh people have faced death and displacement in the country due to civil wars. The economic growth of the country (Democratic Republic of Congo) is also declining due to corruption and poor infrastructure. Here the GNI per capita is $796.

4. Niger

This country also got independence from France in 1960. But due to the deteriorating economy, more than 80 percent of the country’s population lives in rural areas without important facilities like electricity and hospitals. Apart from this, political instability and coups have been happening here for a long time. Most of the people who live in urban areas also live in slums. Although the country saw economic growth of 4.9% in 2017. Here the per capita GNI is $906.

5. Malawi

More than 70 percent of the population of this country lives on $1.90 or less per day. Most of the poor countries are dependent on agriculture and Malawi is also such a country. Agriculture is the main means of earning for most people. But a large population has been affected due to viral diseases like HIV. Here the per capita GNI is $1,604.

6. Liberia

This old country of Africa is still facing poverty (Liberia). Here the civil war ended in 2003, which has brought some peace and stability, but even after this people have not been able to get out of poverty. The corrupt government has failed to understand the needs of the people. Here the per capita GNI is $ 1,078.

7. Mozambique

The former Portuguese colony has been a constant source of arable land, natural gas and water for the local people of Mozambique (Mozambique). But the civil war that ended in 1992, worsening climate conditions and political instability continue to hinder the country’s progress. Apart from this, the terror of Islamic groups is also increasing here since 2017. Here the per capita GNI is $1,100.

8. Madagascar

It is an island country located in East Africa. The wildlife here is also very rich. But tourism alone is not improving the condition of the country (Madagascar). Most of the local people are dependent on agriculture. But due to bad weather, people also feel disheartened in this work. Along with this, this country has been facing violent coups and corruption in recent years. Here the per capita GNI is $1,339.

9. Sierra Leone

Like other countries of West Africa, Sierra Leone is also a country rich in resources. But here too people have been battling the civil war for years (Sierra Leone). Apart from this, the corrupt government here has not done anything to bring about change. This country has also struggled with the Ebola virus. The per capita GNI of Sierra Leone is $1,348.

10. Haiti

In the Caribbean country of Haiti, people also live in poverty. 24.7 percent of the country’s population lives in extreme poverty. Those who live on less than $1.25 a day. Along with this, about 59 percent people live on less than 2 dollars. However, since 2000, the rate of extreme poverty has started to decline. The GNI per capita here is $3,040. Recently, this country came into the limelight when a video went viral. In which the people here were seen eating earthen bread.